How do I get my Vantage Card?

Just ask any member of our staff how to sign up and they will be happy to show you how! If you are already a member of our membership system we can have your card ready for you in a matter of minutes. If you havn’t all you have to do is fill in a membership form and your card will be ready the next day!

How does it work?

Use your card in any of our machines that are enabled and you will earn POINTS while you play – these can be redeemed for CASH and PRIZES! The points you earn will also make you eligible for exclusive prize draws and offers!

What is Promotional Money?

Promotional money is credits on your Vantage Card which can be played on a machine just like real money! Unlike real money you cant cash it out, however you can cash out all of your winnings using them!

What is Cashless?

No longer do you have to go through the hassle of walking up to the cash desk to get a payout or collecting coins out of the tray. With your Vantage its as easy as pressing a button and the money from the machine is instantly transfer to your card! You can then put it into any other machine that is cashless enabled, leave it on your card and go for something to eat or take it to the cash desk and collect your winnings! All you have to do is press the button on the keypad to cash out!

Can I just use the Vantage Card to collect points?

Of course you can! Just ask any member of staff and they will take the cashless feature off your card (you can turn it back on at any time) and everything will be the same as before. However remember you cant use the promotional money offers if its disabled.

Anything else I need to remember?

Yes, always remember to put your card in first before you insert any money! and always remember to take your card with you when you leaving.